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Written by Said Zazai

I am continuing to use Afghan data for analysis and easy to understand visualizations. The set of data that I am using in this analysis is about Afghanistan trade particularly the exports. The data source provider is National Statistics and Information Authority (NSIA) of Afghanistan. As previously mentioned, the data is not in the best shape in NSIA’s data repositories but I have cleaned up and formatted the data to make it consistent and correct for the purpose of this report.

The data in this report provides two important dimensions. One is the total value (in US Dollars) exported to various countries and second is the total value exported by Commodity. Time is another dimension that is available so the data provided is between the year 1389 to 1399 Hijri Shamsi or the Solar Hijri Calendar.

With these dimensions and a measure of value, i have used a combination of possibilities and developed a few visualizations and two tables towards the end that you can use to slice and dice the data and look for trends that either aligns with strategic economic changes or does not.

I will allow the readers to make their own inferences using this tool but there are two noticeable trends. First is the drop in exports to countries like Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan over since between 1393 and 1397. Second is drop in export by commodity e.g. Carpet and also some other dried fruits.

The report is embedded in this page below. 

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